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Who are we ?

Manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products since more than 10 years, we want to develop and adapt the offer to the ecological challenges of tomorrow by abandoning plastic bottles to promote a natural, sustainable and zero waste product accessible to all.

For this, we have created a range of products which is at the same time ecological, economical and supportive.

Our workshop follows good manufacturing practices for cosmetics

NF EN ISO 22716

All our products are:

  • Paraben free, no artificial colors
  • With the addition of vegetable oils.
  • With natural preservatives.
  • Non testés sur les animaux.

GAJ Africa objectives

Our products are designed to offer to consumers innovative, quality and eco-responsible hygiene products with a packaging helping to reduce waste.

G.A.J Products

Powdered shower gel refill

Solid shampoo

Solid conditioner

Hand wash powder refill

Sulfates free shampoo

All hair types

Surgras soap

all skin types


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G.A.J Africa


Ma Petite Keli Group

141 Ferrari street
13005 Marseille


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